Process Engineering

Our mission

Each customer is special to us and every project completed must be a SHOWPIECE!
Reliability and Transparency
Entrepreneurship and innovation
We value our employees
Environmental and health issues are one of the most important things for our company.
HighEx Oy ( Ltd’s) aim is a responsible, attentive environment, and safe operation of the business in all areas. We are committed to continuously improving our business environment, health and safety matters.
In product development, we strive to products and methods that are safe to use, support recycling, based on renewable natural resources and save the environment.
Our production will reduce the environmental impact by reducing the amount of waste and emissions as well as improved raw materials, energy and other resources.
Occupational safety goal is zero accidents. We comply with all local, national and international laws and treaties.
Inform the environmental, health and safety issues on a regular basis and maintain the development of open and trusting relationships with the surrounding community and other stakeholders.
We guide our customers in environment-friendly product choices, and we advise you to use the right products, recycling and disposal. We will guide and encourage the entire staff to work in a responsible manner to prevent pollution and promote the health and safety.
We require of our partners to adhere to these principles.
The company’s management is committed to complying with environmental principles, and reserves the resources needed to implement.