Process Engineering

Process Engineering

HighEx Oy is the Finnish consulting engineering company which is specialised in the process and plant engineering of chemical mill projects as:
  • Paper Chemical plants Finland
  • Paper Chemical production Finland
  • Paper Mill plant Thailand
  • Mod. Starch plants Indonesia & Thailand
  • Mod. Starch production Indonesia & Thailand
  • PvaC-Latex plant Russia
  • SB-Latex plant China
  • Paper Chemical plant China
  • Paper Chemical production China
  • CMC plant China
  • Coating , Chemical production Finland
  • Painting production Finland
  • Paper Chemical production Spain

Responsible persons in Finland:

Samuel Holm
Managing Director, Master of Science, Licentiate in Medicine
Tuomas Holm
Chairman of the board, Master of Science, Licentiate in Medicine

Responsible person in Asia:

Jorma Holm
President (Asia)